Our Services

Simple, Focused, Flexible Solutions

phase1We offer a free, 1-hour Introductory Call or web-meeting where we learn about your business, the “pain points” you would like to resolve, your goals and objectives and what you expect from a consulting or advisory group.  We’ll determine the type of expertise available within our Advisors that will be required to exceed your expectations and introduce you to our collaborative approach incorporating communication between your team and the subject matter experts (SMEs) within National Management Advisors.  In addition, we will provide a complete review of the levels of service that will be available.  If you decide to go forward, we’ll develop a “Discovery and Assessment” plan for your review.  All levels of service provide for periodic updates on progress and future actions as ageed to by you and National Management Advisors.

phase2Discovery and Assessment will involve a combination of information and discussions commensurate with the scope of the assignment.  Typically we could request financial information, organizational charts, process documentation, etc.  Also, depending on the scope of the assignment the Discovery and Assessment phase could involve discussions between your designated contacts and our Advisors.  Advisors for this stage will be assigned based on their areas of expertise and experience.  Some of those specific areas may include:  Strategic Planning, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Process Improvement, HR, Data Management, and Training.

phase3The Solutions phase is typically multifaceted to address your original pain points and objectives.  It could involve recommended adjustments to processes, personnel, brand identity, marketing strategies, and management systems.  The essence of our program is to provide solutions that will effect a positive change in your profitability, customer experience, and employee morale.  The key to our solutions will be sustainability and not short-term fixes.

phase4The Implementation and Control phase can be hands-on where one or more of our Advisors is directly involved with your team in the implementation of the recommended solutions and routine follow ups to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.  The follow up will involve dashboard reviews, with you and your team, of data, identification of shortfalls, recommended actions, and accountability for corrective actions. This phase can also be designed to include only the periodic follow up.

mission1In accordance with our Mission, all services are designed with two primary objectives – 

Understand what our clients want to accomplish, assist them in developing their goals and objectives, and help them exceed their expectations.

Leave them with a sustainable strategy to grow their business, delight their customers, support their employees, and provide their shareholders an improved return on their investment.