Case Studies – #1 Media Placement Agency


Executive Summary

Reverse Client Attrition & Improve Business Development:  Improving client relationships and creating an innovative strategy and value proposition were key to the success of this project.  It involved clarification of deliverables, more frequent communication with clients and an expansion offerings combining technology and operations.  In addition, operational process improvements not only improved the customer experience, but reduce expenses in driving EBITDA.


Media placement agency


Client attrition and revenue loss

Discovery and Assessment

  • 50% client loss over the previous two years primarily as a result of undefined expectations.
  • No new contracts signed over previous 3 years.
  • 80% of the existing client base had no contracts or clearly defined Statements of Work (SOW).
  • No clearly defined new business development value proposition.


  • Assist management in defining a value proposition on the combined strengths of their technologies and service capabilities.
  • Develop SOWs clearly defining deliverables for each client.
  • Improve client relationships through quarterly reviews of goals, achievements, and areas of improvement.
  • Realigned operational structure to a matrix design allowing cost reductions and client support improvements.
  • Reduced overhead costs through process improvements driven by the implementation of Lean Management Principles.
  • Designed and implemented a sales management process with metrics allowing tracking, corrective actions and accountability.


  • All clients have specific and defined SOWs in place establishing clear paths to set, meet, and exceed client expectations
  • 12 new contracts within 1 year of implementation
  • No client attrition over subsequent 18 months
  • 20% EBITDA growth within first fiscal year of implementation